WastePro Inc.
Garbage Disposal/Bin Rental Services in North York, ON

Efficient Method Of Getting Rid Of Your Residential As Well As Commercial Waste.

WastePro Inc. is a professional who has experience exceeding ten years across numerous commercial as well as residential constructions across Canada. We are here to offer an efficient bin rental service to our home community, to dispose of diverse types of garbage efficiently.

We are proudly servicing the western part of the Greater Toronto Area and the nearby communities in Ontario further west of the GTA.

You can count on quick and prompt delivery and pick-up anywhere in the Mississauga municipalities.

Delivery to rural areas of Peel Regions and outside of the western GTA might require a fuel surcharge, depending on your exact location. The exact amount will be explained and agreed upon in advance of the delivery.

Bin Rental Services Include:

Residential Bin Rentals

Commercial Bin Rentals

Contractors Bin Rentals

Available for Mixed Waste (Flat rate and by weight) as well as Solid Waste (by weight only). The perfect choice for small and medium-sized tasks such as:

  • Construction and home renovation projects.
  • Demolition Projects.
  • Landscape Projects.
  • Household Junk.

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We have bins in different sizes tailored to the needs of the project that you’re working on!

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