Who is WastePro?

We are professionals in commercial and residential construction with over 10 years of experience across Canada. We are your neighbors – home owners experienced in residential renovations and remodeling. We, like you, are also customers who rented bins for our own residential and commercial construction projects.

We understand the frustrations and pain of receiving damaged bins, the wrong size, unexplained charges, unanswered phone calls and costs of driveway/property damage. We know the lay of the land and we know the drill.

We get you. We get it right.

We are here to offer simple, honest, professional bin rental service to our home community. We have bins in different sizes to meet the needs of the project that you’re working on!

What you can count on

  • Getting a quote right way by talking to a human on the phone to determine the right size bin for your project and applicable rates
  • Prompt delivery of the agreed upon bin size
  • Bin in good condition
  • Contact during rental period to assess ongoing needs
  • Same day delivery
  • On-schedule removals
  • Reasonable costs and package deal
  • Clear explanations of all quoted and invoiced charges
  • Property damage protection

We’ve bin there too

We work in Mississauga, Toronto, Oakville, Burlington, Milton and Brampton areas.